Thank you for coming today.
My name is MASA. I am a chef of Ebimaru ramen.
Our shop is a ramen shop with the theme of [French x ramen fusion].
Born and raised in Hida Takayama, moved to Tokyo at the age of 17 and learned the basics of French at French restaurant “Chez Inno” located at Kyobashi Tokyo.
I wanted everyone to enjoy French cuisine casually and started to make ramen here.

This lobster, known as a high-quality and expensive food in Japan.
I made a contract to buy a 5 ton of lobster for a year to use Therefore, the purchase price can be suppressed and we can deliver it to everyone at a reasonable price.

I have no ramen training.
I think the ramen I make has pros and cons.
However, I think my mission is to deliver delicious food to everyone.
I'm sorry if it doesn't suit your taste...
But I make it with all my heart.
Your smile will become vital!
I hope you can go home with a smile.

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